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How quickly you respond to a breach can significantly effect
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  • In 2014, only 29% of organizations surveyed were able to self-detect malware within their networks.

    The majority of organizations were notified of a possible infection by third parties, such as a regulatory body, credit-card company, law enforcement, customer or partner.
  • 70–90% of sampled malware is unique to an organization.

    The spread of malware is also predominantly opportunistic and financially motivated in nature.
  • Everybody's online, and everybody's vulnerable.

    President Barack Obama
  • Cryptolocker 3.0 is targeting businesses at lightning speed.

    The new cryptolocker is designed to target businesses, encrypting all of their personal and shared network data unless a ransom is paid.

How we can help during an emergency

Security Breach

We will work discretely to identify points of exposure, eliminate risks, and resume business operations as quickly as possible.

Threat Detection & Removal

In the event of a theft or security breach, Night Lion will work quickly to assess the scope of the breach and protect as much sensitive data as possible.

Virus, Malware, Badware

We will work quickly to assess the scope of the breach, contain your sensitive information, and protect as much of your data as possible.

Digital Investigations

Investigations are performed by our team of Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators. Night Lion Security can look deep into any situation, threat or attacker.

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Data Recovery

Recovery may involve such actions as restoring systems from clean backups, rebuilding systems from scratch, or locating data on damaged or encrypted media.

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Available 24/7

Our trained incident response and recovery team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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