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Behavioral profiling to provide you the most accurate threat detection solution in the industry — no reliance on scanners or signatures.


Get a continuous, unobstructed view of every endpoint’s behavior in your entire network making it easy to understand the flow of communication and immediately see any indicators of compromise.


We are not a perimeter firewall that statically blocks operations or a simple IDS that looks for signatures of known malware. We do not depend on log file monitoring, deep packet inspection or other dated signature-based methods.


Fully protect your environment without the need of added special hardware. We are a low cost, intelligent and efficient solution with unlimited scalability also available for cloud and as managed services.

Machine Learning

Learn and detect traffic patterns that don’t make sense on your network

Providing Visibility on Abnormal Network traffic.

Our endpoint modeling solution creates a dynamic understanding of the most valuable security aspects throughout your network.

By continuously analyzing network traffic and patterns of communication emanating from every device, we identify real security problems and enable smarter security actions.

We automate the discovery of suspicious behavior on a network by continuously collecting real-time packet-level information (metadata only) from each network endpoint. Offered as a free virtual appliance, our passive network sensor is easily deployed on common physical hardware and virtualization platforms.

By doing so, we are able to precisely uncover the behaviors that don’t make sense – these are often the early stage and hidden indicators of compromise.

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